The Affair

Outstanding Drama Series


Just when things have stabilized for Noah and Helen, an encounter with someone from the distant past sets in motion a harrowing sequence of events. And in the future, Joanie Lockhart attempts to piece together the truth about what happened to her mother.

For Your Consideration

Outstanding Drama Series

Executive Producers: Sarah Treem, Hagai Levi, Jessica Rhoades, Michele Giordano
Producers: Katie Robbins, Donal Lardner Ward, Mike Batistick, Huey M. Park, Susan McConnell

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series

Sarah Treem, Directed by
Episode 511

Toa Fraser, Directed by
Episode 510

Steven Fierberg, ASC, Directed by
Episode 503

Outstanding Casting for a Limited Series

Julie Tucker, CSA, Casting by

Ross Meyerson, CSA, Casting by

Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series (One Hour)

Jim Denault, ASC, Director of Photography
Episode 505

Steven Fierberg, ASC, Director of Photography
Episode 511

Outstanding Contemporary Costumes

Caroline Duncan, Costume Designer

Sarah Bacot, Assistant Costume Designer

Careen Fowles, Costume Supervisor

Episode 511

Outstanding Contemporary Hairstyling

Jocelyn Mulhern, Hair Department Head

Havana Prats, Key Hair

Rick Caroto, Personal to Maura Tierney

Ashely Leitzel-Reichenbach, NY Department Head

Episode 511

Outstanding Main Title Design

Ahmet Ahmet, Prologue Designer / Creative Director

Taka Sato, Prologue Lead 3D Animator

Danica Tan Lijun, Prologue 2D Animator

Gary Mau, Prologue Editor

Outstanding Makeup for a Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic)

Michelle Radow, Make-up Department Head

Erin Rosenmann, Key Makeup Artist

Karen Rentrop, 3rd Makeup Artist

Episode 504

Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score)

Marcelo Zarvos, Music by

Episode 506

Outstanding Music Supervision

Michael Hill, Music Supervisor

Episode 511

Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series

Scott Van Beever, Edited by
Episode 503

David Bilow, Edited by
Episode 511

Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series (One Hour)

Steffan Falesitch, Supervising Sound Editor

Nick Michaud, Dialog Editor

Patrick O’Sullivan, Sound FX Editor

Geordy Sincavage, Foley Editor

Alex Jongbloed, Foley Editor

Derek Somaru, Music Editor

Monique Reymond, Foley Artist

Paul Stevenson, Foley Artist

Episode 506

Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (One Hour)

Buck Robinson, LA Production Sound Mixer

Penny Harold, Re-Recording Mixer

Jared Marshack, Re-Recording Mixer

Episode 510

Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series, Limited Series or Movie

Manny Perry, Stunt Coordinator

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series

Sarah Treem, Written by
Episode 511

Katie Robbins, Written by
Episode 509


as Noah Solloway

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series


as Helen Solloway

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series


as Joanie Lockhart

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series


as Whitney Solloway

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series


as Trevor Solloway

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series


as Adeline

Outstanding Guest Acress in a Drama Series


as Janelle Wilson

Outstanding Guest Acress in a Drama Series

Episode 502

Zenobia Shroff

as Priya Ullah

Outstanding Guest Acress in a Drama Series

Episode 505

/ Episodes
S5 E1 | "Episode 1"

Noah preps for the Descent movie. Helen mourns a tragedy. Season premiere.

S5 E2 | "Episode 2"

Helen takes her first steps towards acceptance.

S5 E3 | "Episode 3"

Sasha proposes adjustments to Noah’s script.

S5 E3 | "Episode 4"

Noah attempts to sabotage Helen and Sasha’s relationship.

S5 E5 | "Episode 5"

Helen works her first design gig and begins to focus on herself.

S5 E6 | "Episode 6"

Joanie becomes acquainted with EJ.

S5 E7 | "Episode 7"

Noah and Whitney travel to Montauk. Joanie confronts a stranger.

S5 E8 | "Episode 8"

Allegations against Noah surface. Helen celebrates a birthday.

S5 E9 | "Episode 9"

Helen and Whitney must decide where their allegiances lie.

S5 E10 | "Episode 10"

Wildfires force Helen and Noah to run for their lives.

S5 E11 | "Episode 11"

Everything comes full circle. Series finale.