My Psychedelic Love Story

Outstanding Documentary Feature

Not Eligible for SAG Awards Awards® Consideration 


MY PSYCHEDELIC LOVE STORY asks the question why Timothy Leary, the High Priest of LSD, became a narc in 1974 and seemingly abandoned the millions he urged to turn on, tune in and drop out. Was his “perfect love” Joanna Harcourt-Smith a government pawn, as suggested by Allen Ginsberg? Or was she simply a rich, beautiful, young woman out for the adventure of a lifetime? Oscar-winning filmmaker Errol Morris and Harcourt-Smith will reexamine this chaotic period of her life and explore the mystery of the Leary saga: his period of exile, reimprisonment and subsequent cooperation with the authorities. Devotion or selfishness? Perfect love or outright betrayal? Destiny or manipulation?

For Your Consideration

Outstanding Documentary Feature

Executive Producers: Errol Morris
Producers: Robert Fernandez, Steven Hathaway

Outstanding Directing for a Documentary Feature

Errol Morris

Outstanding Cinematography

Igor Martinović, Director of Photography

Outstanding Editing

Steven Hathaway

Outstanding Sound Editing

Outstanding Sound Mixing

Best Original Score


 “My Psychedelic Love Story gives Morris the chance to show his gentler side, resulting in a sensitive, bittersweet romance that ranks as his most satisfying movie in years.”

– Indiewire

“… Joanna Harcourt-Smith spins a heck of a story”

– The Wrap

 “Pretty far out.”

– The Hollywood Reporter