Everything's Gonna Be All White

Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series


A deep dive into America’s complicated past and present through the voices and experiences of people of color. The three-part docuseries from director and executive producer Sacha Jenkins marries humor with history as it unapologetically confronts the many facets of racism, exploitation and discrimination that have contributed to the formation of these US of A. In a nation that mostly sticks to one side of America’s history, the docuseries confronts the controversial issues that indelibly stain our collective red, white and blue parts.

For Your Consideration

Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series

Outstanding Writing for a
Nonfiction Program

Gabriel Alvarez

Djali Brown-Cepeda

Cameron Dennis

Jon Goodman

Sacha Jenkins

Outstanding Picture Editing for
a Nonfiction Program


Outstanding Cinematography
for a Nonfiction Program