Outstanding Comedy Series


Returning to small town life after an 18-year prison sentence is more than enough to leave most people dark and jaded. But not Miri. A true adult beginner, she navigates each daily obstacle of her post-incarceration life with the same sunny disposition, whether it’s opening a bank account, finding a job or starting a romantic relationship.

For Your Consideration

Outstanding Comedy Series

Executive Producers: Kate Daughton, Tanya Qureshi, Daisy Haggard, Sarah Hammond, Laura Solon, Chris Sweeney, Harry Williams,Jack Williams.
Producer: Catherine Gosling Fuller

Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series

Directed by: Ella Jones

Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series

Written by: Daisy Haggard & Laura Solon

Outstanding Cinematography for a Comedy Series

Director of Photography: Susanne Salavati

Outstanding Editing for a Comedy Series

Edited by: Robin Peters, Jason Boxall

Outstanding Score

Music By: Joe Wilson

Outstanding Production Design

Production Designer: Charlotte Pearson
Art Director: Kane Silks
Set Decorator:
Camilla Hipwood

Outstanding Costume Design

Costume Designer:
Caroline Pitcher

Outstanding Sound Mixing


Outstanding Sound Editing

Outstanding Makeup

Make-Up Department Supervisor: Katie Beveridge

Outstanding Hair Styling

Hair Department Supervisor: Katie Beveridge


“a pitch-perfect performance from Haggard…”

– The Hollywood Reporter

“Haggard produces nonverbal acting in the series that’s in a league of its own”

– The Atlantic

“Back to Life possesses its own, distinct personality, one that’s worth spending six episodes to get to know”

– Vulture


Episode 101

Six weeks after being released from prison, Miri is optimistic and staying out of trouble. She’s managed to pick up a shift at the local supermarket and started seeing more of her neighbor Billy, though she’s still not talking to her mother. She’s also avoiding Mandy for her part in Lara’s death years ago. But when Lara’s mother shows up grief-stricken and looking for answers, Miri’s good humor and good fortune are put to the test. Season premiere.



Episode 102

Difficulties mount when Miri’s lack of a bank account prevents her from starting at her new job. An awkward not-date-date with Billy leads Miri to help him sort through his dead wife’s belongings and make a startling discovery. Caroline returns to the Ladies of the Hythe after struggling to make a connection with Oscar.



Episode 103

Miri becomes convinced that John Boback was behind the wheel after she’s struck by a car. While the town prepares for Lara’s vigil, Miri unwittingly accompanies Billy to his mother’s birthday party. Desperate to avoid the vigil and any memory of what she’s done, Miri attempts to reinvent herself at the party and bumps into an influential figure from her past.



Episode 104

In the aftermath of Lara’s vigil, Miri races to get ready for her date with Billy. But when Mark confronts her, desperate to find Mandy, it sets off a chain reaction of events that threaten to derail Miri’s first-ever proper date. Meanwhile, Oscar and Caroline discover a surprise visitor on their doorstep and are forced to finally reckon with Caroline’s affair.



Episode 105

With Mandy on her mind and John still missing, Miri prepares to take her driving test but gets interrupted by a gruesome discovery. Caroline and Oscar awaken to an unnerved Dom, who refuses to leave and gets roped by Oscar into his environmental activism.



Episode 106

With still no word from Mandy, Miri realizes it’s time to go to the police before they come to her. It could be her last morning of freedom and she wants to spend it with Billy – until their farewell date gets interrupted by his domineering mother. Oscar and Caroline grow closer after a strange night with Dom and set off on an impassioned social service mission to clean up their town. Season finale.