That Animal Rescue Show

Outstanding Documentary Series


THAT ANIMAL RESCUE SHOW follows the animal rescue community in and around Austin, Texas, Linklater’s hometown. The docuseries provides a window into this colorful and captivating world through moving, humorous and powerful stories of animals, the humans who love them, and the inspiring, life-changing bond that occurs between people who have dedicated their lives to rescue and the animals who rescue them right back.

For Your Consideration

Outstanding Documentary Series

Executive Producers: Richard Linklater, Jay McGraw, Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, Bill Guttentag, Julia Eisenman, Nayeema Raza

Directors: Richard Linklater, Bill Guttentag

Writers: Bill Guttentag, Nayeema Raza


“A Discount Service Dog”

Outside of Austin, Jamie’s ranch is a place where humans come to heal alongside a menagerie of over 100 rescue animals. 

“A Body Positive Pig Pageant”

Pigs and their human parents strut their stuff in a Mardi-Gras themed pageant celebrating pigs of all shapes and sizes. Who will be crowned swine queen 2020?

“Paws in Prison”

This is a show about second chances. At a Texas prison, female inmates save dogs’ lives. And the women say the dogs, in turn, rescue them.