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INTERROGATION is a true-crime series based on a case that spans more than 20 years, in which a young man was charged and convicted of brutally murdering his mother. After being sentenced to life in prison, he continued to fight to prove his innocence. With all episodes dropping at once, viewers will see the day of the crime and then follow the evidence like a cold case detective, abandon the linear narrative and determine their own investigative path by watching the episodes leading up to the finale in the order they choose.

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Outstanding Limited Series

Executive Producers: Anders Weidemann, John Mankiewicz, Henrik Bastin, Melissa Aouate and Ernest Dickerson

“… Interrogation is gripping, shocking, and will leave audiences wowed that it all came together.”


“Engaging and thought-provoking”

– TV Fanatic

“A unique take on what CBS does best”

– Forbes

Peter Sarsgaard

as Det. David Russell

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series

Kyle Gallner

as Eric Fisher

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series

David Strathairn

as Henry Fisher

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series

Kodi Smit-McPhee

as Chris Keller

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series

Vincent D’Onofrio

as Sgt. Ian Lynch

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Limited Series

Joanna Going

as Mary Fisher

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Limited Series

Ebon Moss-Bachrach

as Trey Carano

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Limited Series

Andre Royo

as Charlie Shannon

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Limited Series

/ Episodes

Watch First - Detective Dave Russell vs Eric Fisher (1983)
Eric Fisher, a 17-year-old kid with addiction issues, is taken into custody after his mother is brutally murdered in her San Fernando Valley home in 1983. The lead detective on the case, Dave Russell, interrogates Eric while Eric’s devastated father, lawyer Henry Fisher, tries to help his son.

Written by: Anders Weidemann & John Mankiewicz
Directed by: Ernest Dickerson

Sgt. Ian Lynch - I.A. Sgt. Ian Lynch vs. Eric Fisher (2003)
In 2003, twenty years after the murder of Mary Fisher, Internal Affairs Officer Sgt. Ian Lynch (Vincent D’Onofrio) is assigned to investigate Eric’s claim of official misconduct against Russell, now a Lieutenant. Lynch confronts Russell with the allegation, but pressure from the department threatens to derail any chance of a re-investigation. Meanwhile, with the help of a troubled cellmate, Eric discovers a startling piece of overlooked evidence in his legal files.

Written by: Anders Weidemann & John Mankiewicz
Directed by: Patrick Cady

Kim Decker - Det. Dave Russell vs/ Kim Decker (1982)
In the weeks leading up to Mary Fisher’s murder, Eric meets Det. Russell for the first time to press charges against Kim Decker, a former girlfriend. Russell suspects the truth is murkier than Eric reported. As Russell investigates the complaint, Eric throws a party at his apartment complex with the help of his older friend and neighbor Trey Carano that quickly spins out of control.

Written by: Tian Jun Gu
Directed by: Patrick Cady

Dr. Marjorie Thompson - L.A. County Psychologist Marjorie Thompson vs. Eric Fisher (1984)
To receive a more lenient prison sentence, Eric pleads guilty and submits to an extensive psychological evaluation. Meanwhile, Det. Russell, convinced of Eric’s guilt, does his best to make sure Eric receives the harshest sentence possible.

Written by: Barbara Curry
Directed by: Ernest Dickerson

Chris Keller - Det. Dave Russell vs. Chris Keller (1983)
Eric’s friend from rehab, Chris Keller is interrogated about a crime he committed in New Mexico, which brings new information to light that may help Eric’s defense. Eric is transferred from a juvenile facility to county jail, where dangerous adult inmates await him.

Written by: Cassie Pappas
Directed by: Patrick Cady

Henry Fisher - Henry Fisher vs. Eric Fisher (1992)
As riots erupt after the Rodney King verdicts, Henry Fisher pays an emotional visit to Eric in prison and confronts him with a very difficult question. Eric, entangled in a deadly prison feud, faces a tough decision and must decide where his loyalties lie.

Story by: Jerry Miller & John Mankiewicz
Teleplay by: John Mankiewicz
Directed by: Ernest Dickerson

Melanie Pruitt - Det. Carol Young & Det. Brian Chen vs. Melanie Pruitt (2005)
Two decades after the murder, a series of newspaper articles about the Fisher case sways public sentiment in Eric’s favor. Eric prepares for an evidentiary hearing that could lead to a retrial with a new, elite lawyer, Bernard Poulos (Eric Roberts). LAPD cold case detectives begin building a new case against Eric, until a break comes in the form of Melanie Pruitt — a childhood friend of Eric’s with a story that may shed new light on the Fisher murder.

Written by: Barbara Curry
Directed by: Ernest Dickerson

Charlie Shannon - P.I. Charlie Shannon vs. Eric Fisher (1996)
Thirteen years after the murder, Eric faces his first parole hearing and a real shot at an early release. Det. Russell is determined to keep Eric where he thinks he belongs: behind bars. In a last-ditch attempt to prove his innocence, Eric hires private investigator Charlie Shannon (Andre Royo).

Written by: Bill Balas
Directed by: Ernest Dickerson

Amy Harlow - P.I. Charlie Shannon vs/ Amy Harlow (2003)
Private investigator Charlie Shannon (Andre Royo) travels to Mexico to track down Amy Harlow, an old friend of Eric’s, who may be his last chance at getting out of prison. Behind bars, Eric learns that another inmate plans on killing him.

Written by: Johanna Factor
Directed by: Patrick Cady

Watch Last - i.A. Sgt. Ian Lynch & Det. Brian Chen vs/ Trey Carano (2003)
Series finale. Twenty years after Mary Fisher’s death, Internal Affairs Sgt. Lynch and Det. Chen fly to Texas to interview Trey Carano (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), a former friend of Eric’s, who shares his account of Eric’s whereabouts in the days and hours leading up to the murder.

Written by: Anders Weidemann
Directed by: Ernest Dickerson

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