16 and Recovering

Outstanding Producer of Non-Fiction Television


MTV’s 16 and Recovering follows students over the course of an academic year at Northshore Recovery High School, where teens work to recover from addiction while earning their diplomas. Principal Michelle Lipinski founded the school to create a safe and supportive community, while placing a high value on education and accountability. Witness the emotional struggles of these young people trying to turn their lives around and of the teachers and family members helping them to do it.

For Your Consideration

Outstanding Producer of Non-Fiction Television

MTV’s 16 and Recovering is Executive Produced by Lily Neumeyer and Benjamin Hurvitz, with Emmy®-nominated Director Steve Liss. Tricia Regan is Co-Executive Producer. John Codne, Bayan Joonam, Lucy Munger, and Zak Piper are Producers. Julia Lilleby is Line Producer. Rennik Soholt and Rakhee Jethwa are Story Producers. Alexa Ginsburg is Coordinating Producer, and Bill Healy, Parker Fish, Nicholas Dorr are Associate Producers.


EP 101

Michelle Lipinski, founder of Northshore Recovery High, welcomes students struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Alba battles suicidal thoughts and looks for help. Sam’s opiate addiction hits a rocky road that challenges his sobriety.

Ep 102

Michelle uses a radical approach on teen addicts. Joey is a promising musician on the verge of losing it all. Alex has a major relapse and as trouble builds at home, Michelle must intervene. Support counselors use their past struggles to help students.

EP 103

Being a teen is full of highs and lows, but for students at Recovery High, the lows could mean death. Shawn can’t stop the vicious cycle of addiction and detox, while Faith, a model student with college dreams, is constantly fighting the urge to use.

Ep 104

When these students graduate, they leave behind the support system that keeps them alive every day. Emily is determined to graduate but discovers an unexpected roadblock. John faces a dangerous relapse and Abbie decides between rehab or graduation.