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Outstanding Producer of Live Entertainment & Talk Television


Outstanding Producer of Short Form Program: Between the Scenes


Executive Producers: Trevor Noah, Jennifer Flanz, Jill Katz
Co-Executive Producer: Justin Melkmann
Supervising Producers: Max Browning, Eric Davies, Pam DePace, Ramin Hedayati, David Kibuuka, David Paul Meyer, Zhubin Parang and Elise Terrell
Producer: Dan Amira, Jocelyn Conn, Jeff Gussow, Shawna Shepherd and Beth Shorr


“… Noah uses his platform — be it onstage or on air — to push narratives in ways few others have or could.”

– The Hollywood Reporter

“…The Daily Show feels so relevant right now.”


“Best Talent Cluster…a robustly talented core of correspondents”

– The New York Times

“Noah [is] the fun-loving friend who always has a witty punchline holstered and ready, backed up with a bright smile.”

– Salon

“…Trevor Noah has been a revelation on The Daily Show. He’s formidably bright and astute…”

– The Globe and Mail

“…Noah’s been able to put his own distinctive stamp on The Daily Show.”

– The Hollywood Reporter


S26 E48 | January 27, 2021 – Amanda Gorman

Trevor covers international coronavirus news, President Biden and Republicans make divergent demands for unity, and Amanda Gorman discusses her historic inaugural poem “The Hill We Climb.”

Between the Scenes

February 14, 2020 | “Bloomberg and the Legacy of Stop-And-Frisk”

When The Daily Show cuts to commercial, a whole other show begins. In Between The Scenes, The Daily Show’s unscripted short-form series, Trevor Noah engages the audience in off-the-cuff, intimate discussions on topics ranging from race and police brutality to pop culture to Trevor’s childhood in apartheid-era South Africa.