Crank Yankers

Outstanding Variety Sketch Series


Created by Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla and Daniel Kellison, Crank Yankers makes all the crank phone calls you wish you’d made when you were a kid. Yankerville’s puppet citizens — voiced by celebrities and stand-up comedians — make real calls to real people, whether they like it or not.

For Your Consideration



Executive Producers: Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla
Co-Executive Producers: Daniel Kellison, Jonathan Kimmel, David George, Jennifer Gore
Supervising Producer: Bryan Paulk
Producer: Brent Bradshaw
Producer: Todd James
Supervising Studio Producer: Chyna Dumas

Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance

Bobby Brown
Derek Waters
Jimmy Kimmel
Kathy Griffin
Nick Kroll
Wanda Sykes
Tiffany Haddish

Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series

Outstanding Writing for Variety Series

Reed Agnew, Brent Bradshaw, Adam Carolla, Curtis Cook, Dan Dratch, Brandy Finmark, Jimmy Kimmel, Jonathan Kimmel, Bryan Paulk, Jasmine Pierce, Jocelyn Richard, Jordan Rubin, Nicole Sun, Brendon Walsh, Lou Wilson

Episode 510

Outstanding Production Design for Variety, Reality of Competition

Gary Kordan
Tricia Robertson

“The return of Crank Yankers may be the best revival news we’ve heard in years”

– Interrobang

“Fucking Crank Yankers is Coming Back”

– AV Club

“Our Call: STREAM IT. If you’re tired of watching the latest heavy, thinky Peak TV show, puppets making prank calls is a good way to rest your brain”

– Decider

“The art of the prank call is alive and well thanks to the return of Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers”

– Variety

“…a stacked voice cast”

– Entertainment Weekly


S5 E10 | "Bobby Brown, Wanda Sykes & Kathy Griffin"

Gladys wants to trademark a popular phrase, a cat orders cleaners for his owner’s apartment, and Terrence asks Bobby Brown to change his name for Millie Bobby Brown.