Outstanding Comedy Series


BET premieres Twenties, a new series from Emmy® winning writer and executive producer Lena Waithe. Hailed by Deadline as a show that “redefines the Black queer narrative,” Twenties is about three friends navigating life, love and work in Hollywood.

For Your Consideration

Outstanding Comedy Series

Executive Producers: Lena Waithe, Rishi Rajani, Andrew COles

Executive Producer/Showrunner: Susan Fales-Hill

Executive Producer/Director: Justin Tipping

/ Cast

Jonica T. Gibbs

as Hattie

Christina Elmore

as Marie

Gabrielle Graham

as Nia

Sophina Brown

as Ida B

Guest stars for the series will include Jenifer Lewis (Black-ish), Sean “Big Sean” Anderson(debut role), Rick Fox, Vanessa Williams, Seth Green, Iman Shumpert, Kym Whitley, Chuey Martinez, Marsha Thomason, and Nazanin Mandi.

/ Episodes

S1 E1 | "Pilot"

Aspiring screenwriter Hattie finds herself evicted, jobless, and down on her luck before she runs into the famed writer/producer Ida B. whose show Cocoa’s Butter, Hattie has shaded on social media.

Directed by: Justin Tipping
Written by: Lena Waithe

S1 E2 | "I've Got The World On A String"

Hattie navigates office politics on her first day as a writer’s PA. Meanwhile Marie get’s hassled by her gambling mother while Nia take a chance on a date with her yoga client.

Directed by: Tiffany Johnson
Written by: Lena Waithe

S1 E3 | "Happy Place"

Hattie searches in vain for her “happy place” to write. Meanwhile Marie is pitted against the only other black executive at the studio while Nia questions whether she’s on the right career path.

Directed by: Tiffany Johnson
Written by: Daniel Willis

S1 E4| "You Know How I Like It"

Time is against Hattie as she dashes through Hollywood on various assignments from Ida B. while Nia struggles in an audition.

Directed by: MinahBaig
Written by: KimkoMatsuda-Lawrence

S1 E5 | "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing"

A earthquake shakes up the girls’ relationships. Marie becomes wary of Chuck when a night watching porn together goes awry. Hattie grows more fond of Ida when she’s tasked with sorting her old manuscripts, leading to a heart-to-heart that proves both intimate and endearing.

Directed by: MinahBaig
Written by: Naomi Iwamoto

S1 E6 | "Redemption Song"

Hattie learns a lesson in balancing work and family. Meanwhile, work leads Nia to church to clean up Zac’s mess, and persuade star basketball player, Quintrelle, to sign with the studio.

Directed by: Justin Tipping
Written by: Keli Goff

S1 E7 | "What Would Todd Do"

In Improv class, Nia grapples with being given stereotypical Black roles. Incensed by Ben getting the promotion over her, Marie searches for answers, while Hattie tries to make her voice heard in the writers room.

Directed by: Justin Tipping
Written by: Patricia Ione Lloyd

S1 E8 | "Living The Dream"

In a brave move to get Nia a role on Cocoa’s Butter, Hattie is fired from the show. Marie holds a special birthday dinner that takes a turn when an unexpected guest arrives.

Directed by: Justin Tipping
Written by: AzieDungey