Smoke: Marijuana + Black America

Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special


This groundbreaking documentary explores the complex legacy of marijuana in the Black community. America’s unjust war on drugs systematically targeted marijuana use in the Black community, resulting in racially disproportionate numbers of arrests and convictions. “SMOKE” features the voices of high-profile lawmakers, Vice President-elect Senator Kamala D. Harris, Senator Cory Booker and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, and other Black celebrities, athletes and activists who speak out in favor of marijuana reform. And while the legal cannabis industry is expected to generate $30 billion in sales by 2025, only 4.3 percent of dispensaries are currently Black owned. “SMOKE” spotlights the hypocrisy of the system, highlighting the stories of pioneering African American entrepreneurs across the country, including former NBA player Al Harrington, who are fighting to own a piece of the booming legal cannabis industry currently dominated by White owned conglomerates and entrepreneurs.

For Your Consideration

Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special

Executive Producer & Narrator: Nasir “Nas” Jones
Executive Producers: Eric Tomosunas, Rob Robinson, Jason Samuels, Erik Parker
Co-Executive Producer: Tony L. Strickland
Directed By: Erik Parker

“Smoke: Marijuana + Black America” is produced by Swirl Films.


“sharp and persuasive documentary”

– Hank Stuever, Washington Post