Outstanding Comedy Series


The threat of marriage to a boring-in-bed boyfriend drives a single Black woman to indulge in a “bigger and better” option, while she and her group of ambitious friends in their mid-30s take a deeper look at their stagnant lives, asking themselves: is there something bigger?

For Your Consideration

Outstanding Comedy Series

Executive Producer: Will Packer
Executive Producer: Sheila Ducksworth
Executive Producer: Devon Shepard
Creator & Co-Executive Producer: Felischa Marye

Tanisha Long as Layne

Angell Conwell as Veronica

Tristen J. Winger as Vince

Chase Anthony as Deon

Warren Burke as Greg

Rasheda Crockett as Tracey


S1 E5 | "The Gregs"

The walls close in for Layne and her engagement to Greg when they, along with Layne’s friends, visit his family’s home.

S1 E6 | "Baby Steps"

We take it back to 2003 in college and the fashion show that brought the crew together.

S1 E7 | "Where Do We Go From Here?"

Deon goes on a road trip to North Carolina to visit his mom, joined by Layne, depressed about her struggles with Greg and Reggie, and with her life overall. Veronica gets herself in trouble trying to compete with Shelley in the real estate game.

S1 E10 | "What I Am Suppose To Do With..."

Deon reevaluates what he thought was important in his career, while Layne learns more about herself as a business owner. Vince gives the crew the VIP treatment when he brings the crew along with him to witness his newfound DJing. The ladies get into a bit of trouble, forcing Layne to make some hard decisions on who to lean on.