Get the App

Download from your preferred app store by searching for “Paramount FYC”.

Please enjoy HD screeners of Paramount shows through the “Paramount FYC” App which is now available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick and iPad/iOs tablets.

Access PINS will only work on the Paramount FYC App and will NOT work on CBS All Access, Showtime, or any other consumer facing websites.


Enjoy on Roku

1. You can download our free app by searching “Paramount FYC” on your Roku device or by visiting the Roku Channel Store online.

2. Login to your Roku account and add the channel from your desktop device.

3. The Paramount FYC app will then install and populate across all your Roku devices.

Enjoy on Amazon Fire TV Stick

1. You can download our free app by searching “Paramount FYC” on your Amazon Firestick device OR

2. Download and install from your desktop at the Android App Store on Amazon.com:

3. Find Paramount FYC on Amazon’s Android App Store

4. Sign-in to your Amazon account.

5. Purchase the FREE Paramount FYC app and it will populate across your Amazon Firestick devices.

Enjoy on Apple TV

1. Open the Apple TV app TV app on Apple TV.

2. In the menu bar, swipe to Search Search menu item, then enter “Paramount FYC” into the search field.

3. Follow the prompts to install and launch our FREE app.

4. Simply enter your FYC ACCESS PIN as provided by the Television Academy.

Tip: To dictate instead of type, press and hold the Siri button Siri button on the Siri Remote and speak. For more information, see Use Siri dictation on Apple TV.

Enjoy on iPad

1. Stream Paramount FYC on your iPad by downloading our free app from the Apple App Store

2. Follow the prompts to install and launch the app.

3. Then enter your FYC ACCESS PIN.

Compatible with:
iPAD: iOS 11 +, AppleTV: 12.1 +, Firestick: Android version 5.1, ROKU: v7.0+

And Desktop on Supported Browsers:
Firefox 52 and above, Chrome 58 and above, Edge 14 and above, Safari 11 and above